Marazzi Tile

MarazziTileMarazzi Tile. Another thing to notice when shopping for any tile is a how resistant to abrasion it is. Tiles for different uses require different resistance factors. The PEI table is used to define the categories of of abrasion resistance.

P.E.I. ( Porcelain Enamel Institute) WEAR RATING
Group I: Tiles suitable only for residential / commercial walls.
Not suitable and/or recommended for foot traffic
Group II:Tiles suited to general light residential traffic, except kitchens, entrance halls, and other areas subjected to continuous foot traffic.
Group III: Tiles suited for all residential and light commercial areas such as offices, reception areas and boutiques.
Group IV: Tiles suited for residential, medium commercial and light institutional applications such as restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies and corridors.
Group V Tiles suitable for heavy traffic both residential and heavy commercial applications such airports, malls and subways.
Marazzi Tile

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