Carpet selection and care

When you select a saxony, bear in mind that they have more tip definition than velvets (also called pinpoint or pencilpoint). This results in more of an appearance of texture. If you enjoy the deep pile luxury you can get with a saxony, look for tight, uniform tufts, and a medium to dense construction. Some deep piles will show more footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. Those with a tighter twist in the fibers will retain their shape better.

When selecting a velvet carpet, look for one with a low to medium pile height for the best performance and wear. Velvet styles will show shading,just as a fine velvet will. To many people, shading lends character and richness to the carpet. It also means velvets will tend to show vacuum cleaner marks and footprints.

1. Blot liquids with a dry, white cloth or plain white paper towel.
(do not scrub, this will distort the pile)
2. For liquids with solid chunks, use a scooping motion or scrape up with a spoon.
3. Pre-test any spot removal agent in an inconspicuous area to be certain the solution will not affect the color.
4. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a white cloth and work in gently, moving from the outer edges toward the center.
5. Blot dry periodically to avoid over-wetting the carpet.
6. Continue as long as there is transfer of stain to the cloth.
7. Rinse with cold water on a clean cloth to remove the cleaning agent.
8. Apply a thick layer of paper towels and apply weight to squeeze water from the carpet into the paper towels.

1. Preventive maintenance
*Move furniture to alter traffic patterns
*Put mats in front of doors to catch dirt before reaching the carpet
*Put furniture coasters under the legs of heavy furniture.
*Protect from strong sunlight
2. Vacuum regularly
3. Prompt removal of spots and spills.
4. Periodic professional cleaning
*Every 12 to 18 months before there is heavy soiling.

Choosing a darker colored carpet can help reduce the appearance of soiling. Use door mats to help minimize tracked-in soil and clean the mats frequently.

Choosing lighter colored carpet can help make a space appear larger and more airy. A carpet with advanced stain protection will assist in keeping the carpet looking good. Mike’s Carpet Connection stocks Capture products, keep some on hand to immediately tackle accidents.

A quality carpet pad is essential to the life of your carpet. The pad will absorb up to 90% of the impact of foot traffic, protecting the backing and carpet pile. Our standard pad is the one recommended for your carpet in thickness and weight. You may upgrade to a pad that offers better protection against stains wicking back up from the pad, or to reduce allergens. This is particularly important where children or pets are present.

The performance and quality of a carpet is deirectly related to the amount and quality of the fiber that goes into the pile. The better the fiber and the denser it’s packed, the bettter the carpet will perform. A low price may be tempting, but remember: it will lose its surface appearance faster and you will need to replace it sooner.



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